Welcome to a complete moving-company for Sweden and Internationally

Our company respects the environment and our customers in the first place.
This is done by, among others: trained our drivers in Eco-driving, using labeled fuel and chemicals to our vehicles.
Customers requirements are an important part of our work, we always try to satisfy the customers ask about the extent possibility, in view of both the environment and our employees.
We perform office transfer (big or small), private transfer, heavy lifting, such as safety cabinets, gun cabinets, pianos, etc.
We can also arrange your final cleaning using our own cleaning team.
We can also arrange your European Transfer, through our other company Euroswed AB.
For more information, please contact us.

Flyttningsbyrån Skövde Stadsbud AB
Rattvägen 4
541 34 Skövde

Office hour:
Monday – Friday: 7.00 – 16.00
Please contact us before you plan a visit .
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The form to the right can be used to contact us.
You can also call Us at +46500482100 or email: info@skovdestadsbud.se

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